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The Town | Arcade Building

Located across from Arcade Park and the Hotel Florence, the Pullman Arcade Building contained a 500-seat theatre, a post office, library, the Pullman Trust and Savings Bank, the town management offices as well as office and storefront spaces that were rented to private businesses.

Click to read a listing of businesses in the Arcade, ca. 1883.
Click to read a history of the Pullman Public Library, ca. 1917.

Modeled after the enclosed arcades of Europe, the Arcade Building was a forerunner of the modern shopping mall we know today.

The building was unfortunately demolished in 1927, as the nearby shopping areas gained greater popularity and the building became no longer financially viable.

In 1953, the American Legion built a facility on the site. The Historic Pullman Foundation bought the building in 1994 and converted it for use as the Historic Pullman Visitor Center that is still in use today.

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